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Merry Christmas to You

One of the most pressing conundrums you’ll face this holiday season—what should I get for Christmas?


We’ve all been there. In the mad shopping rush, we naturally begin to consider what we’d like to see under the Christmas tree. This is especially true for homeowners, because no home is ever completely finished. Whether this is the first Christmas in your home or the twenty-first, every homeowner has a magic someday list for upgrades. The perfect escape in a bathroom. The remodeled kitchen. The hardwood floors you’ve wanted for years. This holiday season, consider getting yourself something that will last for many years to come, with improvements and updates from superior manufacturers that are built to last.


Whether it’s the perfect bathroom—and who hasn’t fantasized about their dream shower?— Anderson hardwood flooring for the living room, Mohawk carpets for the bedrooms, or American Olean ceramic tiling for your kitchen, Stoneridge is here to help you realize your home’s full potential.


You’ve heard that your home is your largest investment, and it’s the truth. Aside from giving you the home you’ve always dreamed of, upgrades are a fantastic way to increase property and resale value. It’s a gift that doesn’t pause before giving back. So this holiday season, give yourself a gift that will last this Christmas and many more to come.

'Tis (Approaching) the Season



As the first day of autumn passes us, we have to face reality: the holidays will be here before we know it. Which means, of course, it’s time to start planning. And decorating.


One of the things we love most about the holidays is the chance to see our homes dressed up as they aren’t ordinarily. Whether the decorations are for you or your guests, there is something about this time of year that can coax the most hardened heart to get into the spirit. Be it awesome fall parties, preparing for Thanksgiving, or the nonstop extravaganza that hits us in December, odds are your home will be more open now to family than it is at any other time in the year. Which makes this the best time of year—right before the madness really begins—to consider redoing your floors.


Let’s face it, one of the things we love most about entertaining friends and family is the chance to really show off our homes. And why shouldn’t we? For most people, a house is the largest investment they will ever make. Updating the home adds to the value, keeps your look modern and fresh, and gives your holiday guests something to talk about over turkey dinner.


Right now, Mohawk is hosting their Anniversary Sale, where you can save on select carpets, hardwoods, and tile with instant discounts. Come visit one of our store locations for details or to discuss other ideas on how you can prepare your home for the holiday madness. With September behind us, the time to make your plans is now.

Hardwood Alternatives


Flooring is an investment, and when you make the decision to remodel your kitchen and bathroom, you might find yourself weighing the pros of look versus the cons of practicality. Hardwood floors remain one of the most popular flooring selections for achieving a classy, timeless look. However, when it comes to rooms where water is frequently run or hard, heavy items are more prone to being dropped, hardwoods are less practical.


For those homeowners planning or considering a remodel, the hardwood look isn’t completely out of the question. After all, if you have your heart set on hardwood, it might be difficult to envision your new kitchen with any other floor. For this reason, wood grain tile has recently spiked in popularity. Ceramic or porcelain tile is known for strength and durability in the kitchen or bathroom, but with a wood grain overlay, hardwood-loving homeowners can achieve the look they want without the expense and extra maintenance.


If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen and can’t picture anything but hardwood, call or visit the friendly staff at Stoneridge Flooring Design at any of our three locations. We carry Marazzi and Mohawk wood grain tile in a variety of looks, including rustic wood, modern wood, and traditional wood. Want ideas for redesign or feedback on your plans? We love talking floors and helping you bring your vision to life just as you pictured it, if not better.


Don’t forget to stop by our Nixa location (1550 N. Main) when you have a moment to take a look at the updates we are making to our showroom!

Protecting your Bathroom Tile

Anyone who knows us knows we love creating beautiful showers and helping bring new life to a space with a stunning addition. Showers and tubs come in many styles and can be made beautiful with a variety of materials. However, once Stoneridge has completed construction on your reimagined bathroom, the upkeep is in your hands.


There are some common misconceptions about any number of building material, but one we hear most frequently involves grout. Sadly, grout is not waterproof. Like any other part of your home, your shower, no matter the material, will require attention to ensure it looks as great and lasts as long as possible.


In fact, tile, stone and grout will retain water. The amount of water retained depends on the material. A porcelain surface will be naturally denser than a travertine surface, which means porcelain can withstand more water. However, no matter the material used, proper upkeep should keep any correctly installed shower in great condition.


What cleaner should you use? When in doubt, always check with the manufacturer. You can also apply waterproof coating to reinforce your shower’s water resistance. And of course, if ever in doubt, please feel free to call or visit us today. We love talking showers, and helping keep them beautiful is a plus!

Decisions, Decisions

You’re nearly finished with a renovation project with only a few kinks left to figure out. Here’s the big question: which flooring type will look best for your new game room? What sort of stones should you lay in your new entry-hall? What type of wood will give you the best bang for your buck and look snazzy while doing it?

Alas, deciding what sort of flooring you want—from hardwood to stone, ceramic to laminate—is just the tip of the decision-making iceberg.

Say you decide to go with hardwood. Your next question will be: well, what kind of hardwood? Your options vary depending on need. Some hardwoods are more expensive than others. Would you like that in Black Walnut, American Cherry, or Rustic Oak? Perhaps you’re in the mood for a more exotic wood, and opt for a Santos Mahogany, Tigerwood, Tiete Rosewood, or Teak. What if you go for the wood look, but not wood itself? Bamboo is very fashionable these days. The choices seem endless.

After reaching a decision, there are yet even more options. What form of wood you would like to make-up your new living room? Solid is self-explanatory, but what about engineered? Engineered wood has a crisscross shape and can on more weight. Acrylic wood, on the other hand, is ideal if you’re concerned with areas of the floor that see more traffic.

But that’s not all. What sort of material do you envision for your new hardwood. Strips? Planks? Or are you more into geometrical shapes and patterns?

Say you go back to square one and opt for stone over hardwood. The next question would be—you guessed it—what type? Limestone? Granite? Marble?

Each style of flooring has its perks and its fair share of maintenance. Each selection gives the home a statement. Do you want the rooms open and bright or cozy and intimate? Every detail, from décor to floor, works to enhance your home’s look, while providing a platform for Thanksgiving dinners, a play area for the kids, a landing spot for spills, and, well, a place for the ins and outs of life to occur.

You might find these decisions very easy. You might know exactly how you want your home to look. Or you might feel the weight of too many choices and opt to curl up in a corner. If you know what you want, or if you need help, the friendly staff at Stoneridge Flooring Design is always available. We’ll tell you what-goes-with-what or what you can expect over the lifetime of your chosen flooring. Whatever your needs, we’re here. Feel free to call or visit us anytime.