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Hardwood Flooring Color Trends

Different colors of hardwood flooring can give your home entirely different vibes. Medium and dark hardwood can make a room appear smaller and cozy, while lighter hardwood can make a room feel open and warm. Choosing to go light or dark with wood can make all the difference for your home.


Light and medium hardwood like oak and hickory bring a light, airy feel to any room. Additionally, light flooring can give smaller rooms a larger appearance which is great for extra tight spaces. If you have light walls, you may not want a light floor, as they can blend and distort the room’s dimension. Try to have a nice contrast that keeps the room feeling open and warm, but adds some continuity.


Dark hardwood, like maple and cherry, create drama and a statement, and if paired well with your current décor, can be exquisite. If you have dark walls, you’ll want to steer clear of dark floors as the combination will make your room appear much smaller. A neutral or light colored wall will contrast the dark wood in a beautiful way, bringing balance to the eye with both light and dark.


A new and popular flooring trend is gentle grays and airy whites, better known as neutral palette hardwoods. Gray hardwood will give your home a warm, coastal feel and will match nearly all of your furniture given it’s a neutral color, thus not overpowering. Airy whites do exactly what their name implies—they open up a room with an airy feel, which is a great option for small rooms. White hardwood floors can provide a vintage and cottage feel.


At Stoneridge Flooring Design, we carry hardwood flooring from trustworthy brands like Mohawk and Anderson, whose quality is unmatched. Take a look at our online catalog!


If you have any hardwood flooring questions, ask away! Our friendly staff is here to help.

Caring for Your Hardwood Floors in Summer

With warmer weather comes humidity, which, in the Ozarks, is often harsh. You know how uncomfortable it gets—now imagine what havoc the humidity can wreak on your hardwood floors.


Wood is naturally absorbent, making it moisture’s best friend. When wood absorbs water, it expands, which can potentially cause cracks. Thankfully, Stoneridge has some recommendations that will help you care for your hardwood floors during the hot summer months, and help enhance your floor’s longevity.


To start, make sure the air in your home is relatively dry. If your home is susceptible to flooding, add a sump pump in the basement and make sure your home’s insulation is well intact to prevent moisture from slipping through possible cracks in foundation or siding. Fans should be used in any room where water is used, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to wick away moisture. Also, transfer any houseplants that create moisture outdoors during the summer.


Control the temperature in your home by running your air conditioning system continuously on those hot, humid days. Some thermometers measure humidity, which is a vital tool in maintaining the right amount of moisture in your home. If your thermometer doesn’t measure humidity, we recommend a humidistat. Try to maintain a humidity level between 30-50 percent, which is a temperature range of 60-80 degrees.  A general rule of thumb is to keep your home’s humidity levels from reaching over 55 percent. If your home is prone to higher levels of humidity, a dehumidifier is recommended.


Our friendly staff at Stoneridge Flooring Design is here to help you care for and maintain your hardwood flooring. Contact us if you have any questions!

Celebrating 25 Years

In 2015, Stoneridge Flooring Design officially turns 25. That’s right. We’ve been serving the Ozarks with quality flooring and superior customer service for a quarter of a century.


For many of us at Stoneridge, the journey was not one we expected, but every step of the way has been a blessing. Twenty-five years ago, our customers in the Ozarks started letting us into their homes. We’ve expanded in team, family, and locations. We’ve broadened what we offer our customers, and have been honored in what our customers have given us.


Stoneridge Flooring Design is a family focused business, and we operate on a threefold mission. The first being our commitment to put God first in all endeavors, as it is only by the grace and faithfulness of God that Stoneridge Flooring Design exists. The second is to care for our people, who form the infrastructure of the company. The third is to provide complete customer satisfaction through utilization of quality products, expert installation and unparalleled service.


Our founder and co-owner, Dave Vaughan, ventured into the world of small business ownership when he was twenty-six. Previously in the trucking business, specifically carpet hauling, he describes his evolution from trucking to the flooring business as “roundabout.” Dave’s business partners and fellow co-owners, Mike Vaughan (Dave Vaughan’s brother) and Dave Beebe, both didn’t initially intend to make Stoneridge a career; Mike Vaughan states he came onboard initially to “help out,” not realizing he’d found his calling.


“We work well with one another; we complement each other in the things that we do,” Dave Vaughan said about his co-owners.


Dave Beebe met Dave and Mike after purchasing his own home, and was asked rather quickly when he would come to Stoneridge.


We’ve been fortunate to have prospered and grown over the years, both in locations and selection. With locations in Nixa, Branson, and Branson West, we’ve been able to reach new customers, expand products and services, and share innovative ideas with customers.


“Each and every time we grow, we do so in order to expand the products so we can have more to offer to our customers,” said Mike Vaughan.


Dave Vaughan cites Stoneridge’s willingness and eagerness to try new things in new ways as one of our longstanding secrets to success, and a philosophy we will carry on.


So from all of us at Stoneridge, thank you for an amazing twenty-five years. We look forward to the next!


P.S. Click here to watch our 25th Anniversary web video!

Stoneridge Voted Best of Houzz

Stoneridge has been recognized in the 2015 Best of Houzz awards, and we couldn’t be more excited!


Houzz is a wonderful community and resource for homeowners, and one we at Stoneridge Flooring Design are very proud to be a part of. For those of you who haven’t heard of Houzz, it’s essentially a one-stop shop for all businesses and industries that fall in the “home” category.


In a recent press release, Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz, captured the spirit of the community brilliantly.


“Houzz connects people with the best home professional for their project by providing the only 360-degree view of a professional, from their portfolio, client reviews, awards and accreditations to their work style and expertise based on their participation in the Houzz community,” said Hausman. “We’re delighted to join our community in recognizing the talented professionals on Houzz who are delivering incredible designs and delightful customer experiences.”


Houzz recognizes those community professionals that go above in beyond in Customer Service or Design, in what they call the Best of Houzz. We at Stoneridge are thrilled, honored, proud and incredibly humbled to have been awarded a Best of Houzz 2015 for Customer Service. This designation was awarded based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews.


So you—all of you. Our wonderful Stoneridge customers. We have you to thank, which we do, from the bottom of our hearts. It is an honor working with each one of you.

Fresh Start


It’s official—the holidays are behind us and there are twelve (well, eleven and a half now) months ahead. January brings with it a clean slate, as well as an endless list of possibilities for the year ahead. Is this the year you’ll finally tackle that kitchen remodel? The year you’ll add your ideal shower to your master bath? The year you get that Mohawk hardwood floor you’ve been dreaming about?


Whatever your plans for 2015, the annual Home Show, presented by the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield, is a fantastic place to start. You get to interact with builders and contractors who can help answer questions you might have about an upcoming project or provide inspiration for future projects. Learn about new products for the home and add to your list of must-haves for your future dream home. If you’re thinking about buying or building a home, or simply want to remodel your current home, the Home Show will provide an endless amount of information and inspiration.


Join your friends at Stoneridge at the HBA Home Show Friday January 30 from 11am–7pm, Saturday January 31 from 10am–7pm, and Sunday February 1 from 11am–4pm. Tickets are just $7, and $1 of each ticket goes to Cross Lines. Children ages 12 and under are admitted at no cost.


The great thing about the Home Show? There’s something for everyone. We hope to see you there!