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Stoneridge Can Help with Your Business Flooring Needs

At Stoneridge, we’re passionate about finding the right products to create the customized look and feel you want. While many of our customers are interested in making home improvements, we are also proud to work with business owners who want to take their business’s flooring to the next level.


A well-done, skillful flooring renovation shows that your company invests in quality work and understands the importance of a well-planned floor design in showcasing what your business has to offer. Flooring is one of many pieces that go into creating a space that expresses who you are as a business and assists in representing what you have to offer. 


From the moment a potential customer walks in through the door, they immediately begin to form an impression of your business. Research shows that staff and customers are able to relax and feel more comfortable in a business with well-laid-out, high-quality flooring—which can translate to individuals believing your place of business is trustworthy. Building trust simultaneously creates an environment where faster and higher quality work can be accomplished. 


In general, open floor plans provide more natural light in a room and create an uninterrupted line of sight, which lets the customer focus on the product they are viewing. Open flooring also allows for a better ease of navigation. This gives your place of business a high-quality look and feel, translating to customers spending money and establishing repeat business.


One of our clients, Johnny Macs, showcases these characteristics with great success in their Springfield location. (Pictured above)


Stoneridge Flooring Design is committed to offering the best service and quality flooring in the business. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and personal relationships, and our diligence and hard work are surely able to impress you and your clientele. Contact us for a free consultation if you are considering renovating your business’s floors! 

Renovating your Bathroom and Kitchen in 2016

What New Year’s resolutions did you make for your home? If we had to guess, you’re probably thinking it’s time to remodel your bathroom or kitchen. You’re in good company, as the two most common renovations made in the United States are changes to the bathroom and kitchen.


Though they are not always in use, these two rooms can be the most important in your home. Whether you’re an avid cooker or someone who enjoys an unwinding shower, 2016 can be your year to give the bathroom and kitchen in your home a little TLC.


Before you make any renovations, you need to do some prepping. You’ll speed things up by identifying things you want to keep and things that have to go. After you know what you want to change, do research to see if you would be able to make some of the changes yourself. Remember, you can save some money by doing some of the little things yourself, but if you’re unsure about a job or want to make sure it’s done right, it’s best to hire a professional.


Start the renovation process by identifying what type of flooring you want to use. It’s easy to think of your floor’s aesthetic first, but don’t forget about the practicality. Ceramics are great for providing traction to a slippery room; hardwood absorbs water and laminate is usually an affordable option.


When it comes to walls, you don’t have to completely remodel them to get the look you want. If dealing with tiles, spruce them up by applying a new coat of oil based paint. If paint is not an option, add wallpaper or other attention-grabbing pieces to create a pleasing focal point in the room. Creating this focal point is a good option if you want to capture attention without having to make drastic renovations.


The expenses really kick in when it comes to renovating sinks, appliances and cabinetry. While updating these things may hurt your wallet, it’s important to go with quality products, as they will be in your home for an extended period of time. One way to help cut these costs is to consider resurfacing cabinets instead of replacing them. If done correctly, resurfaced cabinets will look just as appealing as new cabinetry.


Sticking to resolutions is tough, but with a little effort, 2016 can be the year your bathroom and kitchen get a revamp. If you need any additional info on how to get started with your renovation, let us give you a hand!

Best of Houzz award for Customer Service for 2016

Stoneridge has been recognized in the Best of Houzz awards once again, and we couldn’t be more excited!


We are honored to announce Stoneridge has once again won the Best of Houzz award for Customer Service for 2016. We also won this Best of Houzz award for Customer Service in 2015, and we are incredibly excited to win it once more. This award is based on many factors, including our reviews submitted by some of our wonderful clients on our Houzz profile. These awards help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz, and we’re honored to be amongst the top-rated professionals in our community. Please check out Stoneridge's profile on Houzz and follow us to keep us with our latest projects! 


We take pride in this award and our quality customer service. We would love to offer our assistance to anyone with flooring needs and prove why our customer service is second to none. Just stop into one of our three locations or give us a call! 

Focus on Your Home’s “Fifth Wall”

The temple of solitude. A personal paradise. Whatever we may call it, our homes hold significant importance in our lives—they’re a reflection of ourselves. Despite the notable emphasis put on our homes’ upkeep and design, we tend to forget about one of the most prominent features—its fifth wall.


Neglected, forgotten and stepped all over, your homes fifth wall is the misused aesthetic that can make or break a room. What is your home’s fifth wall?


You guessed it: the floor.


Deciding on a room’s flooring is an unbearable chore for some. Once homeowners have started the design process, matching a floor style to a room’s décor can be a nightmare. A key reason homeowners have an issue with flooring is because they tend to design a room from the top-down. It may seem counterintuitive, but since the floor is often the largest surface in a room, it should be treated as the centerpiece for room renovations.


Everyone knows there are thousands of wall designs you can choose from, but you may be surprised by how many flooring options and styles are available today. When starting from the bottom-up, you’re able to base décor off your selected flooring types, thus narrowing down your vast wall pattern alternatives and helping you tie every single piece of the room together.


When homeowners focus on the fifth wall late in the design process, they may find that a more favorable floor style is out of budget. Having to sacrifice the allure of the largest surface in your room is an easy way to ruin the room’s feng shui.


Don’t jeopardize your personal paradise—focus on your home’s fifth wall! If you need help on sparking your floor creativity, check out some of these beautiful designs. Remember, you can always contact us with any design questions!

Preventing Scratches on Hardwood/Tile Floors

Just imagine you recently had the most beautiful hardwood or tile flooring installed—be honest, who hasn’t dreamt of new flooring?—and are enjoying how pristine it is, and how much it enhances your home’s beauty.


It’ll stay that way forever, right? Right?


Not to burst your bubble, but despite high quality and durability, hardwood and tile floors can develop scratches from furniture, shoes, debris and pets. Luckily, we come bearing precautionary measures you can take to ensure your floors remain beautiful for years to come.


A good rule of thumb? Kick off your shoes once you get home. This will help keep your floors protected from heels and cleats. Along with tough shoe soles, your shoes may carry debris or particles that can scratch your floors. We recommend investing in a good entry mat, one which can absorb and protect your floors from moisture and damage otherwise caused by tracked-in snow, mud or rain.


Simple protectants like Velcro or felt pads can help prevent the legs on tables and chairs from scratching your floor. Also, if you get hit with the urge to rearrange your living room, try to avoid dragging furniture across the floor. And indoor pets should have their claws maintained to further prevent scratches.


If you have any questions on how to prevent scratches from your home’s tile or hardwood flooring, or about proper cleaning techniques, contact your friends at Stoneridge Flooring Design! We want you to enjoy your home’s new flooring for years to come!